Thoughtful Marketing for Creative Humans with Kathryn Jaller, 6/15


Thoughtful Marketing for Creative Humans with Kathryn Jaller, 6/15



Saturday June 15th, 10am-12pm

Workshop Description:

You make things and you want to share those things with people. This is a beautiful thing. 

There are now lots of ways to share your work with people who love you, and people you've never met on the other side of the planet. Again—beautiful!

This class starts with the understanding that for many of us, framing this impulse as marketing or self-promotion starts to make things feel more complicated. It will be broken into two sections: the emotional part and the tactical.

The Emotional Part: We'll share our experiences promoting our work and identify our most powerful motivators and blockers. Most importantly. we'll see that we aren't alone in the feelings of excitement, ickiness, and everything in-between that putting our work in the world can bring up.

The Tactical Part: Now it's time to get the best of the web. We have powerful tools available to us at this moment in time, and the sheer volume can seem overwhelming. We'll look at the ones that offer the most with the least amount of time so we can get back to making. This will be a broad overview with specific guidance, and will include building a website, social media marketing, email marketing, events and partnerships, photography and content creation. 

Your feelings are what made you creative. Get ideas for how to use them in service of putting your work in the world, and how to make marketing more of an art.

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Instructor Bio:

Kathryn Jaller develops content, campaigns, and experiences for creative brands and business. She currently works at Airbnb on their Experiences team, helping people turn their passions into income. Prior to that the led online strategy at Chronicle Books and created content at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. She’s also a jewelry designer who has shown at West Coast Craft, and her recent Necklace Aura Reading project about the intersection of identity, anxiety, and fashion was featured by Kickstarter. See her other creations at